Tropical syrup, white cake, sweet orange zest

6.5085° N — 38.82817° E.

Beans About the beans and origin

Type: Single origin

Notes: Tropical syrup, white cake, sweet orange zest
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama
Producer : Basha Bekele Bombe
Process: Natural
Varieties: 74110, 74112 and Heirloom
Altitude: 2200-2240m

Brew Proposed ratios and techniques

Drip 1:17
Espresso 1:2 in 28 seconds

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Secret Sauce #4


That's it. You're on the right page. You’re in on the secret.

Secret Sauce has been a staple on our menu since 2018. If natural Ethiopians always hit the spot for you, be reassured, this one is the fruitiest we could find this year.

Some will remember Mr. Mac with clear strawberry notes as well as Mr. Bekele and Mr.Yonka with blueberry notes. This year, we are back to Mr. Bekele. With its impressive tropical sirup first attack, we simply couldn't resist. Sauce #4 is Basha Bekele hitting our menu for the 2nd time in 3 years.


If you need an escape to the fruitiest region of your mind, add this one to your cart. Bright espressos, creamy cortados, sweet filters, and secret sauce will be the weapons of your recipe—time to impress.

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Secret Sauce #4



Price paid to Falcon: US$6.00/lb
Price paid to producer: US$4.10/lb
C-market at time of purchase: US$1.90/lb
Fairtrade at time of purchase: US$2.20/lb
Quantity purchased 2023-2024: 3308 lbs
Year of relationship: 2 years

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