When you focus on one thing

Coffee is A moment to escape. A chance to free yourself from the routine of everyday life to achieve something greater, that inspires, motivates and illuminates.

Many things happen.

And at Escape, that one thing was always coffee. That’s why we cross continents, explore different roasting techniques, flavours, infusions, sustainable practices. We work with local artists, hand-package our selections and deliver to distributors.

We’ll even make you a latte at our coffee lab. You know what, we’ll even go for a run with you afterwards if you let us talk about infusion techniques. Our Escape gang has gone deeper into coffee than any other brand before, getting our hands dirty and coffeegrind dusted at every step. And now we want to show you how too.

We have decided to choose our coffees carefully, taking into consideration the quality, taste, social impact, transport, origin and treatment of employees. We deliver our products with the most ecological means of transport possible and pack our products only with compostable or reusable packaging.

We build Escape by putting the planet, people and quality before profit. At Escape, this is our main philosophy. With all the information we have regarding the social and environmental impacts of our actions, we firmly believe that companies and brands must take responsibility.

Live Slow Fast

For Everyone

So whichever way you make your coffee; a top-of the line coffee machine, a camping thermos, a pour over set, a machine you found on the roadside - an escape is possible. Just grab a bag, and jump right in.

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escape is always possible.

Just grab a bag and jump right in.

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Sell Escape products

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