Black forest cake, honeydew melon

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Beans About the beans and origin

Type: Single origin

Notes: Black forest cake, honeydew melon
Country: Colombia
Region: Tolima
Farm: La Roma
Process: Washed
Varieties: Caturra
Altitude: 1920m

Brew Proposed ratios and techniques

Drip 1:16
Espresso 1:2 in 28 seconds

Delivery Delivery details

Shipping orders are sent out daily.
Our cut-off times for bike delivery are:
Tuesday & Wednesday delivery: Monday at 9 a.m.
Friday & Saturday delivery: Thursday at 9 a.m.

4 Twenty


This coffee is everything but baked ;)  The sounds you’ll see and the colors you’ll hear are simply coming from a perfect roast, skillfully combining the sweetness of a slice of black forest cake with a side of honeydew melon.


From your filter or your Italian coffee maker to your Breville or your super automatic, the 4 Twenty will be up to your palate

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4 Twenty



Price paid to Forest Coffee: US$4.11/lb
C-market at time of purchase: US$1.90/lb
Fairtrade at time of purchase: US$2.00/lb
Quantity purchased 2023-2024 : 13 500 lbs
Years of relationship: 3 years

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