Milk caramel, red apple

10°50'56.2"S — 75°32'47.5"W

Beans About the beans and origin

Type: Single Origin

Notes: Milk caramel, red apple
Country: Peru
Region: Amazonas
Farm: Multiple producers
Process: Water process decaf
Altitude: 1200m - 1800m

Brew Proposed ratios and techniques

Drip 1:16
Espresso 1:2 in 28 seconds

Delivery Delivery details

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Friday & Saturday delivery: Thursday at 9 a.m.

Sunset Sipper - Decaf


Are you a fan of coffee, but you and caffeine just don't mix well? Everyone at Escape got duped by this coffee when we cupped it beside 20 other decafs when looking for our next Sunset Sipper’s crop. The sweetness, texture and fruity accents will surprise you. Try it with your friends and see if they notice! 


Our Sunset Sipper at the moment is from Peru and no matter how you like to prepare your coffee, filter or espresso, it is one of the best Peruvian coffees you will have this year. 

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Sunset Sipper - Decaf



Price paid to Royal Coffee: US$4.41/lb
C-market at time of purchase: US$1.90/lb
Fairtrade at time of purchase: US$2.00/lb
Quantity purchased 2023-2024 : 5916 lbs
Years of relationship: 3 years

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