80% Cocoa, Brownies, Crunchy Vanilla Wafer

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Beans About the beans and origin

Type: Single origin

Notes: 80% Cocoa, Brownies, Crunchy Vanilla Wafer
Country: Peru
Region: Amazonas, San Martín and Cajamarca
Farm: Multiple producers
Process: Washed - Water process decaf
Varieties: Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Pache, Typica
Altitude: 1250-1800m

Brew Proposed ratios and techniques

Drip 1:16
Espresso 1:2 in 28 seconds

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Tuesday & Wednesday delivery: Monday at 9 a.m.
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Sunrise Espresso - Decaf


This darker version of our popular Sunset Sipper was developped for a client of ours that needed a stronger profile for their service. Sunrise Espresso, with it's notes of 80% cocoa brownies blended with a crunchy vanilla waffer cookie, will give you the warmth needed in your filter and will be the perfect companion to milk beverages.

Our Sunrise Espresso decaf at the moment is from Peru and no matter how you like to prepare your coffee, filter or espresso, it is one of the best Peruvian coffees you will have this year. 

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Sunrise Espresso - Decaf



Price paid to Royal Coffee: US$4.41/lb
C-market at time of purchase: US$1.90/lb
Fairtrade at time of purchase: US$2.00/lb
Quantity purchased 2023-2024 : 5916 lbs
Years of relationship: 3 years

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