Fuzzy peach, white rose, honey

5.91788° N — 38.27166° E

Beans About the beans and origin

Type: Single origin

Notes: Fuzzy peach, white rose, honey
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Washing Station: Chelbesa
Producers: 682 small producers around the washing station
Process: Washed
Varieties: Dega, Wolisho
Altitude: 2100m

Brew Proposed ratios and techniques

Drip 1:17
Espresso 1:2 in 32 seconds

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Triple A


Triple A is a tribute to the washed Ethiopian coffee in our menu. Birthplace of coffee (could be disputed with Yemen but they are clearly the two first countries to grow coffee), Ethiopia is home of some of the best coffees in the world. We are fans of the Yirgacheffe region for its peachy, bright, sparkling almost fuzzy coffees.


Triple A should be enjoyed slowly, in your favourite cup, close to room temperature and to deepen the experience, stop for a bit so your mind can escape the room. It is a magnificent filtered coffee and a bright & floral espresso.

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Triple A


Danche is a relatively new station established in 2019 in the Chelbesa region of Gedeo, Yirgacheffe. This harvest represents just the third season of coffees from this station and we are very happy to be able to feature them again in our offerings. The Danche mill is owned by Negusse Weldyes who has been working with specialty coffee since 2008. He also owns an exporting company giving him access to feedback that most station owners don’t commonly get directly. His plan for this washing station is to continue to pay top prices for cherries to attract the best farmers in the area to work with him.


Price paid to Apex: US$6.35/lb
C-market at time of purchase: US$1.90/lb
Fairtrade at time of purchase: US$2.00/lb
Quantity purchased 2022-2023: 4632lbs
Year of relationship: 2 years

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